Super Bowl Sunday

Super BowlI want to sit down here and write something profound about putting together the Sports section on Super Bowl Sunday when the “local” team is playing for the title, but I’m spent after my work shift, so that’s not going to happen tonight. Maybe later. I’ll just say, it’s daunting, fast-paced, a little bit crazy, a whole lot of fun, and scary AF.

It really was fun and it is exactly where I wanted to be doing.

Oh, and here’s my 365 photo.

35. Feb. 4, 2018.jpg

365 photo project: Day 35. I took this photo for a lame social media joke about the XFL coming back, then I probably edited it a little too much. 

One month in

Jan. 31, 2018.jpg

365 photo project Day 31. Old school rap in an old school format.

Today is the last day of the first month of the year. The last day of the first month of my 365 photo project and the last day of the first month (though I started early) of my “Create something every day project.” I feel I should have something profound to say about all the stuff I learned, and that I should have all these great things I created this month to show off.

Well, I don’t.

That doesn’t mean this project is a failure and it doesn’t mean that I haven’t learned anything or created anything. Far from it. Maybe it hasn’t been the blockbuster success I want it to be, I haven’t started to make these amazing photos, I haven’t started work on those short stories I want to write, I haven’t drawn more than a few doodles at work, but I have worked on things, I have learned some things, and more importantly, I’m creating habits.

I hope I can kick things up a notch in February. I’d like to actually plan some photography adventures (and I want to shoot pictures of some people), I definitely want to write more, and I’d like to start exploring a few other creative avenues.

January could have gone a lot better, but the year and this project is not off to a bad start.

365 photo Day 29: Work break

Jan. 29, 2018

I needed a break at work tonight and took a walk around the building. Of course, I left my camera in the building when I left (in a bit of a huff) to go for my walk, but I did bring my iPhone, and I captured this image.

I had tentatively planned to go out and shoot some street photos today, but I got a late start and spent longer than I expected at the gym (I should be in better shape for all the time I spend at the gym), so that didn’t happen. Fortunately, work is pretty photogenic.

And fortunately, my iPhone takes decent pictures. I really need to start using my DSLR and going out to shoot more often, but I’m not totally letting it stop my momentum, so that’s a win. I’m 29 days into this 365 photo project and it’s not necessarily going as well as I would like, but I haven’t missed a day yet. Again, that’s a win.

365 in 2018