More snow, more snow photos


It looked like this, all day.

When all of my friends are on social media talking about “Friyay,” or when I hear someone say, “Thank God it’s Friday,” well, sometimes I grumble. Ya see, your Friday means nothing to me because I don’t have Fridays off. I don’t have Saturdays and Sundays off either. Your weekend is just part of my work week.

My weekend: Wednesday and Thursday.

This week, Wednesday and Thursday just happened to be full of snow. It started snowing Wednesday afternoon and the last time I looked out the window Thursday at around 5 p.m., it was still snowing.

Some weekend.

I beat the snow Wednesday and got out of the house for a 4-mile jog and to run a few errands. When I woke up Thursday, the ground was covered in snow and I sat in my bed most of the day watching TV (season 2 of Jessica Jones was released on Netflix today, so I had to jump into that) and feeling like a slug.


The view in front of my apartment.

Finally, I started to get cabin fever and had to do something. I wasn’t planning to run today because I’m not quite ready to run three days in a row, so I bundled up, grabbed my camera and went for a walk around the neighborhood.

That’s right, I took more photos of the snow.

And as much as I dislike the white stuff, I had a pretty fun time today. I shot a bunch of the usual scenes — the streets and the buildings — but I also ventured into the woods for a few shots. It wasn’t easy trying to keep my lens dry, with snow falling at a pretty good clip, I need to figure out what to do about that. I got a few decent shots, both with my DSLR and my iPhone.

Some day, I’ll take pictures of something other than the snow. Anyway, here are a few more of today’s images.


Everyday stuff

65. March 6, 2018.jpg

I was running through the cemetery and saw this scene, so I stopped and took this picture.

I haven’t really set aside much time lately to be creative. Work has been busy (it’s also creative), I’m trying to get back into running shape, and I’ve been lacking motivation a little bit. That’s too bad, since the purpose of this blog and this creative goal was to help keep me motivated but that’s just the way it is right now.

64. March 5, 2018.jpg

Work vibes. Notes, pens and music in my ear buds.

But instead of just blowing this off because I’m lacking the motivation to set aside time to be creative every day, I’m finding bits of time here and there to create. I bring my phone on a run so I can snap photos if I see something I want to capture, which is also helping me slow down on my runs, not go too hard or two fast in order to hopefully stay healthy. I bring my camera with me to work and snaps some photos of the building and my surroundings. I take time in the morning while eating breakfast to write in my journal. I’ll spend a few minutes editing photos before I go to bed.

I’m going on vacation next week. My plan is to take it easy and rest, but also to carve out some time for creativity.

Hopefully that will spark me back into my creative routines.

62. March 3, 2018

The sign in front of the building at the office. I took a moment after work before driving home to make this photo. I have managed to keep up my 365 photo project, despite my lack of motivation.

My 365 project.

Rookie mistake


I love random art. This is one of my favorites, on Tukey’s Bridge in Portland. Also, this might be my favorite photo of my 365 photo project so far.

Driving around town, doing errands this afternoon, I really wanted to go for a run. I’m slowly working my way back after some arthritis-induced inflammation in my knees put me on the shelf for a few months, and I’m still dealing with some aches and pains. My knees are so, so much better than they were in October, thanks to a lot of physical therapy and cortisone, but the last couple of days I’ve been a little achey.

So I decided it wasn’t a good idea to run today, which would have been three days in a row. I haven’t run three days in a row since the end of September, so I need to cut myself some slack.


The B&M Baked Beans building with the evening commute flowing by.

Still, I wanted to make use of the not quite spring weather, so I grabbed my camera and drove to the Back Cove. Last night, jogging with my running buddies, I saw a few spots I thought would make for awesome photos, so I went back there tonight.

And I made a rookie mistake.

Actually, I made two.


I need a few more minutes to really capture this image. This isn’t too bad, but if my battery hadn’t died, this would have been much better. 

The first was I didn’t plan well enough. The sun was starting to set when I got out of the car at Payson Park, which was great, but I wanted to shoot the interstate from the overpass on Washington Ave., with the sunset, so I could get some good light trails and I was about an hour too early.


I love running the Back Cove Trail, for views like this.

I knew that when I got out of the car, so I tried to kill time and make as many photos as possible. I took shots of the setting sun over the Back Cove from the path that surrounds it, with as many possible foreground subjects as I could find. I also took shots from Tukey’s Bridge, including that awesome painting in the picture to start this post.

That, however, led to my second mistake. The costly one.

Shooting so many pictures drained my camera battery. And since I don’t shoot nearly as much as I would like, I don’t charge it that often. And, you guessed it, as soon as the sun really set and the sky started to get dark enough to get those light trails, my battery died.

It wasn’t a total bust. I captured a few photos I like and I found a couple of spots that are definitely worth trying to shoot again. So, regardless of my carelessness, today was a win.



Catching up on 365

52. Feb. 21, 2018

365 photo project: Day 52

I’ve tried before, so I knew how much of a challenge it would be, but I’ve had a hard time keeping up with this 365 photo project. Some days I’m fired up to take my camera out and make some images. Some days I don’t want to be bothered. Some days I make a plan, and my introverted nature gets the best of me, and my camera stays in the car.

The last few days have especially been a struggle, with some long days at work, but I’ve managed to at least put something in that folder on my hard drive and that album on flickr. I will hopefully find some motivation in the next few days to try some new stuff, work on my photography, and make some better photos, but at least it is still going.

I’ve surpassed 50 days. That’s a milestone worth celebrating.

Here are a few of my latest shots and here is the link to the whole album on flickr.

51. Feb. 20, 2018.JPG

365 Day 51: I didn’t even think about taking a picture Tuesday in the midst of a busy day at work and at the end of a long week of work. 

50. Feb. 19, 2018.jpg

365 Day 50. I stared at this scene for 10 hours on Monday.

So much snow


The neighborhood I live in looks amazing in the winter.

I’m no fan of winter. Anyone who knows me, has heard me bitch about my distaste for cold weather and my extreme dislike of snow. I really have no use for it. It is cold and wet. It makes driving dangerous. It makes running, heck even walking, an injury waiting to happen. It steals my parking space. It just sucks.

I don’t ski. I know snowboard. I don’t own a snowmobile and I don’t own snowshoes.

But it sure is pretty.

This winter, as I try to develop my creativity and explore photography, my favorite thing to shoot has been the snow. My neighborhood looks especially pretty after a few inches of snow. Tree branches are weighed down and covered in white. The streets lose their gray, dreary color and and beam as the sun reflects off the bright white snow. Even the cars, covered in snow and plowed in are a sight to behold, as long as it isn’t my car.

Today was no different.

When I left work last night, it was spitting snow. By the time I turned off the kitchen light to go to bed, the driveway was covered in an inch or so of snow. When I woke up, the world — well, my neighborhood at least, was white.

I’ve tried to make a habit of having my camera with me when I leave the house, though I have not been using as much as I should. I feel very awkward taking picture in public around people I don’t know, and I’m determined to break out of my comfort zone, and stop giving a shit. So when I left the house today, after cleaning 6-inches of snow off my car, I pulled my camera out of my backpack because I planned to stop a few times on my drive to the gym to make a few photos.

The pictures are not very good, but it really did look spectacular.

Here’s a few of the pictures.


Everything is white.


Trees coated in snow.


Terrible composition of a majestic tree covered in snow.


iPhone photo: The snow had melted by the time I returned home.


Also an iPhone photo: The puddles and reflections on my street are pretty rad.

Drawing inspiration


I don’t have cable, so when I’m home and want to chill out by watching television, I spend a lot of time watching YouTube. Lately, though I haven’t always acted on it, I’ve drawn a lot of creative inspiration from the platform. I subscribe to a ton of photographers and filmmakers, not only because I find them educational, but I find them inspiring.

A few of the photographers I subscribe to have recently done videos about night photography. Night photos are already my favorite, even though they are really hard to make.

After watching those videos, I was inspired to give it a try myself. I drove a few miles down the road to the overpass over 295 on Brighton Ave. to see if I could get some shots during evening commute.

It went OK. It was a good learning experience and on the drive home, I got a few more ideas for different night photo sessions, so all in all, it was a win.

Here are a few of the shots. (Oh, and here are a few links to videos that inspired me. HERE and HERE.)