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There is a flower shop across the street from my new (relatively) apartment. It’s a light green buiding, with a green and white sign jutting off the roof at a right angle. There are apartment buildings and houses lining the street in both direction of various colors. The building next door has a basketball hoop that I have not seen anyone take a shot on in the nearly four months that I have lived here. There are cars, trucks, vans and motor cycles lining both sides of the street.

It’s a scene I see every day. When I leave home in the morning. When I come home a night. I park my car on whatever side of the road I can find a spot and walk the sidewalk to my apartment, looking at that flower shop which has been in business for over 100 years, according to its website, all those different color apartment buildings and houses, and think about grabbing a basketball and throwing up a few jumpers on that basketball hoop.

On Christmas Eve, I left the house for a trip to the gym and took in that view of my street. The road was covered in ice and slush after a recent snowstorm and I thought, “White Christmas my ass. It looks awful brown to me.” I pulled out my phone, knelt down in the middle of the street and snapped a photo to post to social media.

A day later, it Santa brought us a snowstorm and brought me a nasty cold. I didn’t have to leave the house on Christmas Day, my family changed plans and celebrated on Christmas Eve because of that snow Santa decided to drop on us. I didn’t want to leave the house either. I felt terrible.

That afternoon after a few cups of coffee and a couple of naps, I thought it would be a good idea to get out of the house and at least clean off my car. I thought I needed to move it off the street because we’d have a parking ban (we didn’t), so I tugged on a wool hat, grabbed my jacket, my boots and gloves, and headed outside.

And when I saw that view of my street, with all those old buildings, their roofs covered in snow, the sidewalks and streets untouched by traffic or footsteps, I thought, “Now this is a white Christmas.” I pulled my phone out of my jacket, walked to the middle of the road and tried to capture the same image I did the day before.

That’s how this new project of mine started. I don’t know where I came up with the idea and why I think it is a good one, but I’ve decided to try make that same picture every day for a year. As you see in the slideshow posted above, I’m six days into this new endeavor. When I head out to the gym in a few minutes, after starting my car to let it warm up (it’s -6 at 10 a.m., brrrrrr), I’ll walk to the middle of street, kneel down, and snap a photo.

It has just become part of my routine. In the morning I wake up, spend a few minutes mediating and journaling to get my brain ready for the day, make coffee and a slice of toast, waste a little bit of time on the internet, then hopefully get out the door for a workout, stopping on my way to the car to snap that picture. I’m much more productive when I have routines and follow them, I guess I’m hoping that making that picture part of my routine will kick off my creativity every day.

There are no big goals with this project. I’m using my phone, not my DSLR, to take these photos. I let the in-phone editing software edit them and I crop them to 16×9 ratio. That’s it.

The goal is to do this 365 days in a row, but obviously if I take a trip and I’m away from home, I won’t be able to take the same picture. No big deal, I’ll either skip those days or I’ll take a similar picture wherever I am. I’m looking forward to scanning through these photos as the year goes on, seeing the changes in weather, the different cars parked on the street, just capturing those moments in time in this neighborhood that looks like a throwback to a time before I was born.

And one of these days, I’ll drain a couple of jumpers after I do it.

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